Attempting to roll

Friday 5 October 2001
This morning we had a tea party at home. Mummy's friend who is a doctor and her son came because mummy thought that we should meet them, the mum is a radiologist and the son has had a berium so they are “experts” in the field - oh and also because they are very nice.  We also had some other people and it was fun. I was glad to meet a boy who had had so many major tummy issues and was now over them and big and healthy.

We went to visit granny later and we also did some more shopping because today is my Pop’s birthday and he is coming for dinner.

I am now straining my neck all the time to see what is going on behind me as well as in front of me and that is doing wonders for my attempts at rolling – however my one arm still keeps getting stuck under me and so my rolling is still a bit stinted.


I shopped in a trolley

Thursday 4 October 2001 

Today I went shopping with mummy to the supermarket and it was wonderful because I got to sit on the baby seat in the front of the trolley and I was eye level with mum and I could see all the groceries and all the people and I loved it. It is amazing the number of people that come up to me to comment on what a happy, beautiful baby I am. Mummy and daddy realise that they are blessed.

Now my parents are really worried about me at night AGAIN , daddy insists that I am in pain and that is why I am waking up but mummy thinks that I am just becoming a naughty little boy. It is hard for them to tell, I have also developed this wonderful new shriek which can scare the living daylights out of them and so that really keeps them on their toes. Mum has vowed that once all my stomach problems are sorted out she is going to teach me to sleep even if it means a lot of crying on my behalf.  I 'd like to see that (actually I wouldn't but it is a turn of phrase I hear a lot)


I can drink from a cup

Wednesday 3 October 2001 Two big new firsts for me today. I managed to sit all on my own in the park for about 5 whole seconds (or maybe 3) !!! It was great fun and I plan to do a lot more of it in the future. I also drank out of my new spouted cup and I loved it – not sure whether it was the juice in it or the actual cup. I made mummy so happy that I could actually drink something other than breast milk – I think she is feeling very relieved that maybe I will not breastfeed forever.

We went to the park with where I practised my sitting. Then we met Jody and Joshua for lunch and I slept all through that. Mummy’s friends all think that mummy talks nonsense because whenever we see them I am sleeping like an angel.

I came home and drank from my cup and I think that the apple juice may have caused me some discomfort because I did not want to sleep at night at all or maybe that is because I never want to sleep at night.