I can drink from a cup

Wednesday 3 October 2001 Two big new firsts for me today. I managed to sit all on my own in the park for about 5 whole seconds (or maybe 3) !!! It was great fun and I plan to do a lot more of it in the future. I also drank out of my new spouted cup and I loved it – not sure whether it was the juice in it or the actual cup. I made mummy so happy that I could actually drink something other than breast milk – I think she is feeling very relieved that maybe I will not breastfeed forever.

We went to the park with where I practised my sitting. Then we met Jody and Joshua for lunch and I slept all through that. Mummy’s friends all think that mummy talks nonsense because whenever we see them I am sleeping like an angel.

I came home and drank from my cup and I think that the apple juice may have caused me some discomfort because I did not want to sleep at night at all or maybe that is because I never want to sleep at night.

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