You should hear me scream

Tuesday 2 October 2001
I had a real bad night again last night and so today the parents are frantic again about teaching me to sleep. All the books say that they should leave me to cry a bit but they also say that you should wait till I am a little older. I don’t see why they have a problem with getting up every two hours and feeding me.

Mummy made a big step forward today. She left me at her sister's house and went to have her hair cut. I liked being at my aunt because she is lots of fun and so are my cousins and they never let me cry. Mummy on the other hand had a terrible time being away from me and she was very teary without me. Everybody said that it was a very big step for her and we are all proud of her but I don’t think she wants to do it again in a big hurry.

By the way while I was having a fit in my cot this morning refusing to stop screaming and go to sleep, I managed to do a full roll! So it seems that I may never learn to sleep but at least I will meet all my other developmental milestones.

Mummy and daddy have also decided to stop feeding me every time I wake up. If I wake up under three hours they don’t feed me – they just rock me. You should hear me scream!! 

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