A visit to the gastroenterologist

Friday 28 September 2001 
Today was another big day for me. 

I went to see the paediatric gastroenterologist today about my terrible bowel motions and my lack of ability to gain weight. I waited an hour and a half to see him and I must say that I was not at all impressed by him even if mummy thought he was quite nice. I screamed when I looked at him and my mouth turned downwards into its most miserable position. He told mum that he would examine me on mom’s lap so that I would not be so angry but I knew what he was up to. 

He prodded and poked about and he told mum that my tummy was very distended for somebody of my age. He said that the loops of my bowel were distended and he could feel a lot of gas, he could also hear lots of noises. Dr D said that he did not think that I was lactose intolerant and nor did he think that I have a cows milk protein allergy (so mum can go back on to dairy) but he thought that the suspected NEC infection that I had when I was only 26 days old could have caused some damage to my bowels or that my bowels may not have completely recovered. He wants me to have a berium meal done and a couple of stool samples so that he can check it all out for sure. 

Mum and dad are quite worried and anxious – they also want to kill Dr C. I have been “walking around” with this stomach ailment for over 5 months and he has kept insisting that there is nothing wrong. I should have had this sorted out months ago. Dr D says that he is sure that I am uncomfortable at times and I have been trying to tell that to everyone for ages – why do you think I can’t sleep at night? 

Mum was in such a state all day about everything, about the berium, the possible results and her anger with Dr C. I am also dreading the berium but at least we will be able to get to the bottom of this problem and I can get better and grow big and fat at last. 

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