I have been doing a lot of hair growing lately

Monday 1 October 2001 
This morning was a public holiday and this time dad was exhausted after my terrible night so mum took me for a walk while dad had a sleep. I had a great walk but I never slept.

We had lunch arrangements in the park with Romy and her parents and a whole lot of other babies and their mums. I slept through the entire thing but I was soon to learn that mum picked up some tricks during the course of lunch, when I had my bath tonight she gave me a cup with water so that I could practise learning to drink from a cup. The cup had a spout on it and besides the fact that I kept pouring cold water onto my chest I quite enjoyed the water in a cup experience.

Tonight when my daddy made me dinner he gave me mango and apple thinking that it was pear and banana. Well, he managed to fox the both of us because I ate it and I normally would not do such a thing – mind you it is not bad at all. I think I may have some of that again.

Just a quick note to report that I have been doing a lot of hair growing recently, it is coming along well. I also managed to sit for about 2 seconds unaided today – that is the new milestone I am pushing for – that and the full roll which I am still soooo close to.

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