Over the novelty of the parent's bed

Thursday 27 September 2001 
It was Yom Kippur today so we really did not do anything too fun or exciting. Dad did try to give me some avocado today but I rejected that rather firmly – I will be happy to stay on pears and bananas for the rest of my babyhood. Dad says that I am just like mum – all she ever wants to eat is sweet and sour vegetables, the same thing every day and if she can do it so can I.

For breaking of the fast we went to my granny. I had my bath and everything there and went to sleep in my pram. I was really rather good considering the fact that I was in a strange environment. I woke up to eat at about 8:30 and although I may have forgotten where I was while I was sleeping I soon realised I was not at home. And there ended my sleep. Mum and dad took me home soon after that but when we got home I convinced them not to put me to sleep, I was in such a good mood. The ever hopeful parents tried to feed me a late night solids meal in the hope that I would sleep better when I did sleep. I ate it to make them happy and then I lay in their bed with them and watched TV till I fell asleep like a real big person. The rest of the night however was not so wonderful and again I refused to sleep for any real stretch of time – sleeping in their bed makes no difference at all any more – I am over the novelty.

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