Giving up faith

Tuesday 9 October 2001 

Today we went to playgroup at the Newborn Care Centre and just as mummy was explaining to Sue, the physio that I am not rolling over because I keep getting one arm stuck, I rolled right over and made mummy look like a bit of a neurotic. 

Mum was so exasperated over my non sleeping and my new screaming regime that she asked them for advice. It really looks like I am going to be getting some sleeping lessons when my stomach is sorted out.

Today we also had to go to Dr C. Mum had to take a deep breath before we went in because she is so furious with him  for not sorting out my tummy earlier. The appointment was not very comfortable, mummy was obviously very cross with the doctor and she could not really say anything because he had not heard from the gastroenterologist and so mummy could not say anything that might make her look stupid later. Basically I think though that we have to get a new doctor, mummy, daddy and I have lost a bit of faith in Dr C after 6 months of sleepless nights.

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  1. Thanks for updating your baby blog. I love it.