Day Four - We Start to Eat

Ok, so I realise that these posts are not exactly uplifing and it is very hard to try and instill some humour in what was essentially the worst few days of our lives but hang in with me, because it does get better (and funnier and happier). One day at a time, or when those days are just too hard and long - one minute at a time (to be honest I think we were really coping on the one breath at a time scenario back then).

From E’s hospital notes
“Baby remains active intermittently however does not appear to be in pain/ discomfort”. Who would have ever believed that a mother and father could be so happy to read that their child is not in pain/discomfort? Surely this should be the norm?

E was placed on full phototherapy lights and is sprawled out “basking” in the lights. I am sorry about the photo - I know it is pretty hard to look at but this is our precious baby boy.

Today he commenced feeds – 1 ml every 4 hours. We have been told that feeds may stop if he does not tolerate them and this is not uncommon. 1 ml every 4 hours - that is not a lot of food. I am a Jewish mother and quite frankly I think he should be having 100ml and a bit of chicken soup to boot.


  1. Oh Lana, your heart must break every time you look at that photo.

  2. What a precious wee boy. I know there is a happy coming and I am looking forward to it but I'm also glad that you chose to share the whole story. Thanks again :)

  3. Wow. What a reality check. Poor babe. Poor mama and papa. Incredible. x

  4. I remember the day Erin started to take breastmilk. It felt like such a huge achievement! Of course it was, but just 1ml lol. I practically danced when she tolerated the feed and was able to have it increased.