The Reason Behind the Blog

Eight years ago, my beautiful little boy came into this world 10 weeks early. It was a distressing, difficult and emotional time - it was also the last time that he was ever early.

After his birth and during the difficult days that followed a social worker at the hospital suggested that I keep a diary to monitor his progress so that I could see the enormous strides that he was making. Being ever subservient (and scared to put a foot wrong in this scary place that was the neo-natal intensive care unit), I listened to her and started to write every day. Although we were in a place of amazing modern science with machines keeping babies alive and well, my diary was kept on old fashioned paper using a pen that I had stolen from one of the doctors no doubt.

Eight years later I have decided to bring that diary to life and to share our journey. I have also decided not to return the doctor's pen.


  1. I can't wait to hear the story. I'm so glad you're sharing it with us.
    As for the pen - I am eating icecream as we speak from one of a set of 8 white ceramic bowls that my sister stole, one by one, from various hospital stays. I feel triumphant whenever I use one. I am a petty little woman, I know. As clearly are you. xxx

  2. Yay for Lana!

    Welcome to the blogosphere my bloggy friend.

    Bloggingly yours,


  3. Ditto to the above lovelies comments! Except My white bowls I bought, my glass on the other hand...

  4. Another story to immerse myself in - I cannot wait. It' a bit like Saving babies in that I know as bad as it gets it gets better - so I can tolerate reading it!

  5. Should I start pilfering boxes of tissues from kindy ? Welcome to Blog World, oh yes, I'm an old hand at this now - ha ha ha. I'm looking forward to reading your story, thank-you for sharing it with us all. x

    Tara :)