Father's group because we are all about equality

Sunday 7 October 2010

Today we had mother’s group for father’s as well. It was pretty groovy for dad to get to know all the other baby’s.  It was quite a lot of fun and dad was so happy that although I am the smallest I do not look that small anymore next to the others. We posed for photographs and we played around and then we had to go because we were going out for lunch.

Today my uncle arrived from South Africa and we were all very excited. I thought that I wouldn't get to meet him today because we waited around at my aunt for ages and he did not come but then after my bath, just as I was getting ready for bed he arrived. I got to stay up late and chat with them. He says that I look very different from the last time that he saw me – he also looks quite different to me.

I had three proper meals today, banana and apple cereal for breakfast, pumpkin for lunch, and banana and pear for dinner. Mum and dad are ecstatic.

I had another shocking night. Mum and dad have now had to put up sides on their bed so that I can sleep in it without fear of falling out.

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