They leave me to cry alone. FOR THREE WHOLE MINUTES

Saturday 6 October 2001 

I am in a bit of a narky mood today – mum is wishing for teeth so that she can explain away my behaviour.

We had a lot of chores to do, we went shopping and we went to find me a highchair but the thing that I liked best was going to the park where we all ate fruit salad under the trees – going to the park with mum and dad on the weekend is one of my favourite things. I will add that I also loved sitting in the high chairs in the shop – I just know that a bit of practice sitting in the high chair and I will be sitting on my own in no time.

Tonight I really did not want to go to sleep and mummy and daddy got so exasperated that they let me cry all on my own. It was traumatic for every single one of us. I cried on my own for three minutes and then mom started to cry and it took 25 minutes to console me. I have also learned that I can really scream now and that way I can get my parents to do anything that I want. I scream so that I sound like I am in pain. It really scares them a bit but at least then I get to sleep in their arms or their bed and not my cot all on my own

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