Militant about lact-ease. Not as easy as it sounds

Monday 24 September 2001 When I don’t sleep at night I cannot be expected to feel good during the day although we all know how hard I try. Today I have a real full blown cold. My nose is runny and red and my eyes are watering. Mummy took me back to Dr T and he confirmed that I have a cold but there is very little that we can do about it.

Today mum spoke to some lady on the phone who said her baby had a lactose intolerance and they “cured” it by using a lactase enzyme before each feed. Mummy is reinspired to try using the lact-easy with me so this afternoon we went off in pursuit of lact-ease once again and now she is becoming militant about my using it.

I am finally taking my solids like I am meant to and mum is loving feeding me. I am still trying very hard to roll over, most especially when I am meant to be sleeping at night. Tonight I could not get comfortable while I was trying to sleep. I think that I may want to go back to my own bed soon as it is very uncomfortable in mum and dad’s bed. It is too small for the three of us, either one of them leaves or I do!

Mummy was feeling sick with anticipation and dread the whole night because tomorrow we are going to Karitane to learn how to take a bottle. YUGHHHH!!

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