Only a 165gram weight gain

Thursday 20 September 2001 
Today was much more of the same. I am still not feeling completely myself but I am making a valiant attempt at being supremely brave.

I had an appointment with the dietician again today and it was not great. I have only put on 165grams in the last two weeks and 1cm in length. Kylie and Shelia, the lactation consultant, both said that it is pretty good considering that I have been sick because I can be expected to lose a bit of weight when I am not well. Much of the talk at the appointment focused on the upcoming appointment with the gastroenterologist and I thought we wasted a lot of time trying to second guess what he would have to say next Friday. Mummy is still petrified that she is going to have to force me to take a bottle. It is not that she does not want to stop breastfeeding it is just that she cannot take the trauma of me screaming as I refuse the bottle.

The only good news that I have to report is that I am really trying hard to roll over and it seems like it will not be long before I am able to roll around on my own. Mum and dad get quite frustrated watching me because I am so almost there but I just find that last bit a little difficult.

I slept in mum and dad’s bed again and although it was not as good as the first night I am still enjoying it. Even if I do not sleep for longer at least I never have to cry in the night to get their attention. If I need mum or dad they are right there so I don’t have to wake up and cry.

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