Attempting to roll

Friday 5 October 2001
This morning we had a tea party at home. Mummy's friend who is a doctor and her son came because mummy thought that we should meet them, the mum is a radiologist and the son has had a berium so they are “experts” in the field - oh and also because they are very nice.  We also had some other people and it was fun. I was glad to meet a boy who had had so many major tummy issues and was now over them and big and healthy.

We went to visit granny later and we also did some more shopping because today is my Pop’s birthday and he is coming for dinner.

I am now straining my neck all the time to see what is going on behind me as well as in front of me and that is doing wonders for my attempts at rolling – however my one arm still keeps getting stuck under me and so my rolling is still a bit stinted.

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  1. Oh how he's coming along.

    Sam had to have a berium I think it was called, to blow out an intersucception. Better than the alternative which was surgery.

    Waves :)