Hard to recall what you do when you get NO sleep

Monday 23 July 2001
I have stopped sleeping properly during the day so I take 15 minute catnaps occasionally and am a ratty baby at times. Hopefully this is just a fad I am experiencing.

Today I went with mum to gym again, she still does not get that I am not enjoying it at all. Anyway we compromise and she does half the class and cuddles me the other half – win win if you ask me.

In the afternoon we went to cheer my cousin on after her first day at school. I stayed out till dark again – not too late it is just this silly winter season that makes it so dark so early – maybe I will sleep a lot tonight.  Mum is holding her thumbs so hard they are turning purple.

Tuesday 24 July 2001
I tasted pears today and let me just say that I am not too fussed about them at all.  In fact I am not as into this solid food as I thought I might be to start but we will continue to persevere.

I am definitely getting over my 5’o clock aversion and am a much happier baby at about that time although my parents still keep insisting on putting me to bed early.  I am now waking at about 9pm every night where I used to wake at 11pm.  This is just to show them that I can go longer without sleep but they still do not believe me.  I am still not sleeping well at night and mummy is going a bit stir crazy!

Wednesday 25 July 2001
If you ever need to make my dad smile just smile and talk to him early in the morning – it works for me. Every morning I have taken to chatting to my parents in their room when I go in in the morning and they just love it.  Dad laughs hysterically and then they cover me with kisses.  Quite a good morning routine.  

This morning for my morning sleep mummy put me in my cot wide awake and I fall asleep all on my own.  Mum was very impressed!

I was very unsettled tonight.  I had a real hard time falling and staying asleep.  I think it is those pears mom is making me eat. 

Thursday 26 July 2001
Today I found my voice in all its glory. I have been jabbering away all day very cutely. Mum is having lots of fun listening to me and as usual dad is just besotted.  

Today I had my horrible capsule returned and can now sit in the car in comfort.  At long last my parents have had the good sense to have my own car seat fitted and I am very grateful.  I still screamed in the car today but mummy said that she could see that I was a lot more comfortable.  

I am in a very good mood today – maybe it is because mom has not given me any pears today.  I heard her say that tomorrow she is going to give me apple.  Maybe that will be better.

This afternoon mum put me down in my cot awake again and I put myself to sleep and then the most amazing thing happened.  Mummy went upstairs to “spellcheck” my diary and I woke up after 15 minutes of sleep and mum had the gall to ignore me.  Granted I was not screaming but I was whinging.  Anyway she left me for about 2 whole minutes and I got so pissed off I went straight back to sleep.  For some reason mum is overjoyed with me she thinks it is some kind of great skill to put yourself to sleep.

Friday 27 July 2001
This afternoon we went to visit Karen in the pouring rain (I heard mum saying something about cabin fever and staying indoors).  On the way home mum was so busy listening to me shriek in the car that she reversed out of the driveway into the car behind her. I was unphased because I never felt a thing but I carried on screaming nonetheless.

I am having great fun eating my hands and making huge amounts ofsaliva. Mum keeps thinking I am hungry but I urged her to read all her books and see that it is just a developmental thing. I am progressing along just as I should and that involves a lot of fist sucking. She did try and feed me apple but I am really just playing with the food – I am not 100% sure of what she wants me to do with it although I admire all her attempts to put it into my mouth.

Saturday 28 July 2001
The weather is abysmal so today we just stayed at home indoors.  We played a lot and mum and dad tried to space my feeds strictly and get me to have short naps all in the hope that I would sleep well tonight.  They just do not understand that I do not want to sleep at night (unless I am in mummy’s arms).  We had a good day all in all but as I predicted the trick did not work and I am still “the world’s worst sleeper”.

Mummy had a little panic today because I have a blood blister on my right hand.  She was so nervous and scared that it meant something bad was wrong with me that my uncle had to do a house call.  He said that it was indeed a blood blister but it was nothing to worry about.  I must have got my hand caught in something without realising it.  It sure is good to have a doctor in the family.

Sunday 29 July 2001
Tonight was another horrific night where I woke up every hour or so.  I tell you I think I can see mum ageing as I type.

Monday 30 July 2001
Today mum and I spent the day with my cousins.  We walked down to the beach and it was a lovely day.  I looked at the sea and I lay on a mat on the grass and took the fresh air in.  We had fun except for every time that mummy put me in the car I screamed blue murder – I think I have put my cousin off playing with me.  I am sure that he never thought such a small baby could scream so loud.  As predicted I did sleep most of the day and as I type this entry I am just revving up for tonight!!!!

Tuesday 31 July 2001
I have quite forgotten what we did today so I assume that it was nothing relevant.  Just as cute and wonderful as ever.  Funny all I can hear ringing in my ears is my mother's voice saying "There is no harm in a child crying; the harm is done if his cries are not answered"


  1. Love it, this 'out of the mouths of babes' approach.

    Am wondering what sort of sleeper my upcoming little one will be....

  2. Wow what a skill, learning to put yourself to sleep!! Well done!

    I miss reading about you everyday little Pencil

  3. 41BabyProject - Little Pencil now sleeps through the night. Most nights. He is 8!!

    Margie - Thank you -kind words indeed. Thought it may flow a bit better with a week at a time (but you can read it every day if you like :-) xxxx)