The week I found my fingers

Tuesday 3 July 2001

Today I discovered my fists and what fun they are to suck.  Mmmmm.  My day was mainly spent trying to get my fist into my mouth while dodging all food and wrappings that mum tried to give me.  I think I was quite successful although mum did get a bit edgy that I wouldn’t eat.

We went shopping with my cousins and aunt and I was in the Baby Bjorn and that was cool because I could just suck my hand and mom would not try and wrap me.  I was in no mood to sleep last night and I was just feeling a bit off colour with everything.  I think all this excitement of the cousins etc is getting to me, that and finding my fists – it is a lot for a small boy like myself to handle.

Wednesday 4 July 2001

Today I hosted playgroup at my house.  It was a small one really just two other kids and myself but we had fun and they all loved my toys.  (I mostly slept through it but I imagine that it was fun)

Mummy is a bit tired as I still insist on waking at 5am every day.  There is nothing better than being awake before the sun rises!

Thursday 5 July 2001

Mum and I went on a long walk to Coogee Beach this morning at about 7am.  It is all very well that mum goes on about how beautiful the beach is and how tranquil and calming the sea is, I am in my pram and I can’t see a thing from in there.  I can’t wait to be big enough to face forward and sit up in my pram then I will finally get what mum sees in all these long walks.

After the walk we went to the shops and then to playgroup at the hospital.  I heard mom tell dad that there were 22 other babies and their mums there but I cannot say for sure as I slept through the whole group!

In the afternoon another walk, this time my cousins took turns to push me and that made it a bit more special.

Friday 6 July 2001

Help! My mum has become an exercise freak.  Today she shlepped me off to her gym class, granted there were lots of babies there and we were included in the exercises but I really had not had much sleep this morning and I was tired and ratty and in no mood for exercise.  Apparently we will go back on Monday and maybe I will prefer it after a bit of sleep.

The rest of the day we had to prepare for dinner with all mummy and daddy’s family.  The sad thing was that my grandparents (mummy’s parents) are still in South Africa and no family gathering will be the full thing without them.  Nevertheless I still sleep through Friday nights so while mum says that it was a good night I just slept and woke up as the visitors were preparing to leave.

Saturday 7 July 2001

I was in a real bad mood today and there was no way that I could disguise that.  I was ratty and uncomfortable and the only place that I would sleep was in mum’s arms (not that I see any problem with that, funnily enough she does not always agree).  

I went to visit my twin friends  from the hospital. They are so much bigger than me I could hardly believe that they are the same age - - 2 weeks different and also born at 30 weeks.  The little boy is 7 kilos (double my weight) – I best start to eat a lot more. 

Sunday 8 July 2001

It is taking a while for my bad mood to dissipate so I was in a bit of a mood again today.  I am still waking up very early in the mornings (around 5am) so I guess that would account for some rattyness. 

After a morning spent trying to stay awake while my parents tried to get me to sleep we all went to Bondi and met my aunts there.  My timing is impeccable so I fell asleep on the way there and only woke up when mum was about to eat her lunch.  She fed me and then her and dad whisked me off home because it was very cold and I am still not so into experiencing the elements first hand.

Today I made my parents cry with pride.  I don’t know why really but they were playing with me and I smacked my toy with my hand and they thought that was so wonderful and so smart they both just stared at each other with tears in their eyes and laughed.  I tell you they are such softies – what are they going to do when I go to school?

I had a terrible night.  I could not get comfortable and I just wanted to suck my hands all night.  Mum wanted me wrapped so we had a bit of a war of attrition – I sucked my wrap and mum called dad to try and get me to sleep at 2am.  Mum said that if the sucking of my hands soothed me and I could sleep unwrapped she would be only to happy to do that but the sucking really actually revs me up and I do flail about without the wrap so I guess I will be wrapped for a while longer.

Monday 9 July 2001

Gym again and I still don’t like it.  Although this time I did sleep a bit more so mum got a chance to do a few exercises without me.

It was a rainy and miserable day so we did not get up to much.  I just laughed a lot and was as cute as a button.

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