Technically 5 months but 3 months corrected and I weigh 3.720kg

Tuesday 10 July 2001

Big day out again. After very little sleep mum organised me to go off to Dr C. I am getting so used to this drill I think I might start going by myself and leaving neurotic mum at home. Dr C is very happy with my weight although mummy was a bit disappointed. He also said that I am looking just like a 3 month old baby (not weight-wise of course but in actions) and that is just brilliant. I must admit that I did show off for him a bit. I gurgled and played with my hands and showed him how I have mastered fist sucking. I even smiled at him when he was examining me. He says that we only need to go back and see him in 4 weeks time but mummy said that she would be happier with 3. I tell you she doesn’t give me much time to put on weight.

After Dr C we went to playgroup at the NCC and mommy did a total freak out. I am still the smallest baby there and even tiny Jacob, who is younger than me I might add, is heavier than me. Mummy is becoming a little worried but the physiotherapist and Dr C both stressed that I am doing really well.

Wednesday 13 July 2001

Mummy’s neurosis led me to the doctor again today. This time I went to a GP that mummy loves. She was really nice, she told mummy that I am healthy and gorgeous and I will put on weight eventually. Mummy had decided that we better get a second opinion because she was so worried that there might be something wrong with me because I weigh so little. The doctor said that my eyes were sparkling, my skin colour was good and that I am bright and alert and if there was something wrong then all that would not be so. Also my uncle S who is a doctor told mummy the same thing and he pointed out that my height and my head circumference were both in the normal range for my age and it was just my weight that was lacking.

The GP suggested that I try some formula in a bottle to try and stack on the weight. We will see about that one.

I went to play at Cade’s house today and I was charming and delightful!! Full of smiles and just the cutest boy around.

Thursday 12 July 2001

Mum keeps trying to give me formula in a bottle. Can’t someone tell her that I don’t want a bottle. I just don’t know what to do with it once it is in my mouth and then that milk comes out and dribbles down my chin and I am at a loss as to how this is meant to fatten me up.

Today we went out for lunch with my cousins and their parents. I slept through it and awoke at the end screaming terribly. Mummy raced me off home at the speed of light!!!

Friday 13 July 2001

Today I really made my parents proud. I am now able to swipe at my toys deliberately every time – yet another developmental milestone under my belt. I also slept in my pram when we went for a walk and I was not even wrapped – I am really getting control over my arms.

I had a great day today, for some reason I was in a really good mood and I just enjoyed my day. I sat in my rocker in the kitchen and I helped mum unpack groceries and cook dinner. Then when mum went to the dermatologist my aunt and cousin babysat me and although I was fast asleep I could sense that they were looking after me and that was very cool.

Today my granny in South Africa sent mummy an email and she said that she was a very tiny little girl when she was younger and her mummy was also anxious but my mummy told me that now granny is just a perfect size also my other aunt told mummy that the biggest person we know only started to get big when he was 14 so there is plenty of time for me.

Saturday 14 July 2001

I seem to have a bad case of the “Saturdays” which is very similar to the 5 o’clocks only it lasts the whole day. I had a very unsettled and unhappy day. I did not sleep properly all day and was just not at one with myself.

Mum and dad tried all sorts of interesting activities with me but it only made me more tired. We met Jake and his parents at Fox Studios for lunch and we ambled about the market but I insisted that we go home before we had too much fun. I know mum and dad get frustrated with these days but I like to keep them on their toes.

Sunday 15 July 2001

I am sure that anyone would agree that my terrible behaviour yesterday was well worth the reward today. This morning I was playing with mum and dad on their bed and mum was giving me kisses on my tummy and I started to laugh. Now ordinarily I smile a lot and I make gorgeous cooing baby noises but today I actually laughed out loud for the very first time. Mum and dad were so pleased and so happy that they laughed and laughed and laughed and mum had to stop kissing my tummy because she was laughing so much.

The parents then ruined the whole day by making me go on a picnic in bad, windy weather. I was excited at the prospect of seeing my aunts and cousins and sharing some time together but why they had to take me out in the cold I don’t know. Mum had bragged about my laugh to her sisters and she was eager to show them how it sounded but instead I screamed and shouted and mum and dad had a terrible time and could not even sit down and eat their lovely picnic lunch. In fact I shouted so much that after half an hour mum got the message (a bit slow) and her and dad took me home where I was instantly happy – it was not at all cold or windy inside our house.

I think I will wake up every hour tonight just to make sue that they remember I am boss. Little outings like this make me think their memories are slipping! 

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