I fail bottle drinking 101

Tuesday 25 September 2001 
Well this morning was a flurry of activity trying to get everything ready for my big day of bottle learning skills. We had to take bottles, formula, cups, spouts, teats, changes of clothes and most of all a lot of resolve -me, to take the bottle and mum not to lose her temper with the people of they showed me a way to take the bottle that she did not like.

We were real nervous, well mostly mummy was nervous but there was nothing to be scared of. Donna was the mothercraft nurse that looked after me and she was really nice and so gentle and caring, she also did not want me to cry. Instead of eating as I arrived, which I really like to do, they made me have a sleep in their cot. Mum was so impressed with the way that I went to sleep in their cot that she is determined that I will sleep in my cot like that tonight. All they did was wrap me in a sheet and rocked the cot like a pram on its wheels. I soon got bored of the white wall in front of me and slept. When I woke up I was quite hungry as I had not eaten since 8am. Donna tried to give me a bottle. I refused it – mind you I played with it in my mouth but I was not keen to suck on it. 

I will give Donna her dues – she persevered for 45 minutes and I got so tired that after that she put me back to sleep. I still had not taken anything from the bottle and so I still had not eaten since 8am. After I woke from that sleep Donna tried with that damn bottle again but this time I was not so nice and cute about it – I cried and told her that I would rather breastfeed. She tried for half an hour but I stuck to my guns and refused to drink from that bottle. Ten minutes of play on the floor with mummy and then finally they let me breastfeed. Phew what a relief – by this time it was 2:30pm. I had been a long time without food and I was hungry.

Donna had been defeated in her quest to give me a bottle but she was positive about mummy continuing to try at home. She said that I am a strong willed little boy and very determined – mum says stubborn but Donna sees it as a virtue – I like Donna. 


  1. Check out the new diggs! Awesome.

    So what would you say it is today - determined or stubborn?

  2. So is this fact or fiction? If fact, how do you remember each day in detail from nearly 10 years ago?

  3. Bern - stubborn as a mule and determined to be more stubborn!

    Anonymous - I kept a diary of every single day of Little Pencil's first year (and more). This blog is just a transcript. I hardly remember what happened this morning! xx