Cot or not?

Monday 27 August 2001
Another cold and wet day today which mummy took as a sure sign that today would be a good day to start my new daytime sleep routine. I impressed her yet again by having an almost two hour sleep in the morning. All I can say is that I was always ready for that long sleep in the morning but she kept shlepping me out and about. I tried to tell her that I wanted to sleep but she waited to hear it from the feeding clinic of all places. Nonetheless I guess the most important thing is that I am now getting to have that sleep.

After my sleep we played around at home and I got so tired after about an hour and a half I had another hours sleep. I saw mummy start to worry about that oversleeping thing but I was tired so I could not worry about it at that stage. Mummy then decided we needed to go out when I woke up as we were getting cabin fever but it was very rainy and cold so we just went up to the shopping centre with underground parking and walked around a bit. It was great fun because I got to sit facing forward in the pouch on mum’s chest so I could see everything around me. I love that! I am learning so much about the world and everybody comments on how alert I am and how much I am taking in. I don’t know how they know but nevertheless it makes mummy feel happy when they say that.

The afternoon meant another long sleep for me. Mummy is really taking this seriously.

Tuesday 28 August 2001
Mummy has promised that I will never sleep in my cot during the day again. What a big failure. All through the day it was fine and I slept well but how was I to understand that the night meant something different and that I had to stay in my cot and sleep without getting up to play every so often? All through the day when I had woken mummy played with me so when she did not play with me at night I was very confused – not upset just confused and very playful. Basically I was not tired and so was up almost the whole night.

So, it was a very bleary eyed mummy that took me to Dr C this morning for a check up and he soon made everything all right. I have amazed even him with my growth. Since the last time I saw him I have put on 210grams in weight (over 12 days), 2cm in length and 2cm in head circumference. That is huge. He was thrilled to bits and so was mummy. He said that we must carry on with whatever we are doing because it seems to be working. Yahhoooo that means I can continue to breastfeed. Dr C sent us for some routine tests that ruined an otherwise perfect visit.

I had to have my arm x-rayed to measure my bone age and I also had to have an x-ray of my hips. It was rather revolting having to lie so still and I was so unimpressed that I weed on the radiographer. It was my only means of revenge and I had to do it. I am still thinking of what I can do to the pathologist if I ever lay eyes on her again.

Yup I had to have blood tests and they made the x-rays seem rather pleasant. Dr C wanted to check my iron levels and thyroid and liver function. To get blood from a baby as tiny as me you have to prick the heel and almost squeeze the blood out – 5 vials of it. It was terrible. I screamed in pain, I went bright red and I sweated a lot! Mummy cried as she tried to hold me still and the pathologist who had earlier been praising my good looks, charm and bright disposition was cursing my strength.

I had another hideous night’s sleep – mummy and daddy are tired again.

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