More blood tests needed.

Wednesday 29 August 2001 

This morning I went shopping for father’s day presents with mum. It was so hard to try and choose a present for the best daddy in the whole world. I am going to have to win lotto to afford the presents he deserves, on the other hand I just know that he would love a kiss, snuggle and hug from me just as much as all the presents money can buy – if not more. 

In the afternoon we went to play group house and even though I screamed in the car the whole way there I was very happy when we got there. I was my normal smiley happy self and I charmed all mum’s friends so much so that I think they may have been jealous that mummy has got such a beautiful baby! 

Thursday 30 August 2001 

Today I went shopping. I no longer like to shop in my pram, I like to look around and see all the things in the shopping centre. In fact I would say that one of my favourite things is to walk around the streets in mum’s arms taking in all the things around me. I am learning heaps about the world around us. Strangers often stop to talk to mum and I and they all say that I am so bright and alert. Mum swells with pride but I just take it in my stride. 

In the afternoon when we got home we got a call from Dr C. Mum was very nervous to hear his voice on the phone. He told mum that one of my blood tests came back with high level of alp. This is the enzyme produced by the body when laying down bone. Dr C explained to mummy that people with broken bones would have a high level of this enzyme as their bone heals. The high level is not a bad thing in and of itself but I do have to have some more blood tests to check my calcium and phosphate levels. My x-ray also showed that my bone age is less than three months. I could have told them that myself – I know that I am very small. Mum was a bit hysterical but Dr C told her it was nothing. The worst bit though is that I have to have more blood tests. 

Friday 31 August 2001 

Mummy made daddy take me for my blood tests this morning because she was too traumatised by the last ones. We went off to the hospital and the place where I had them last time said that they cannot do them. I have probably put them off for life, so I had to go somewhere else. Well, what a difference. I wish I had had my first lot there. Daddy took me in and there were two ladies to help me. They used all sorts of tricks to keep me happy and they said that they would take blood from the vein rather than from the foot as that would be less painful. They were right. It was so much better and I was a very brave soldier, I did cry because it was very sore but for a very long time. They put on the cutest little rabbit plaster and I was very proud to be able to show my war wound to everyone. 

I got to walk around the shops in mums arms again this afternoon. I could do that all day – I make so many friends and it is really a great way to spend the day (mum gets a bit tired but I am much younger than her – I could go on forever).

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