The feeding clinic prescribe cabin fever for mummy

Thursday 23 August 2001 
This morning we went to playgroup at the hospital. It was fun. I played then I ate and then I fell asleep in mummy’s arms. Who could think of a better way to spend a morning?

Another shocking nights sleep tonight. I think I am getting worse at this not better.

Friday 24 August 2001
What a wonderful day! - I weigh 4.605kgs

This morning mum carted me about in the car a lot but I did not mind because I had my aunt and cousin sitting in the back with me and entertaining me. This kept me very happy until I fell asleep and had a long good nap in the car without having to be woken up every time mum stopped the car to go somewhere. I tell you I think I should always travel like this.

After my good car sleep I was really in a good mood and mum and I ventured off to feeding clinic at the Children’s Hospital. Well I almost blew their socks off they were so impressed with me. I have put on 210 grams and over a centimetre in length. Kylie, the dietician, Melissa the speech pathologist and the lactation consultant whose name I have forgotten were all so impressed with me. Mummy told them that as long as I had put on some size she would not be worried about me or my bowels. They were so complimentary to me that mum quite forgot how upset she had been the week before. They all said that I was so alert and inquisitive, I think they might realise how smart I am. They said that we should carry on as we are with the lact-easy, the polyjoule and mums elimination diet and we will see them again in two weeks. However there was one thing that they did add to the list and that was a better routine (are they kidding). They explained to me and mum how important sleep was to my growth and development and added that if we get into a routine now it will be much easier than if we try and start that when I am a bit older. Basically they said I should have two long sleeps in the day at home and in my cot. I should also eat at home in my bedroom where it is quiet and I am relaxed (sounds like the old days) in order to aid the digestion of my food – according to mum I eat much better at night when I am less distracted. Mum thinks that this is a very good idea, she has been toying with the idea of these sleeps at home during the day for a while and now that someone else has suggested that it might aid my growth and help with my sleeping at night (sleep begets sleep) she is sure of it.

After the hospital mum took me to her old work and again I managed to charm everyone around me. I showed off all my tricks and I was really quite charming. Mum seemed so happy to show them all how far she has come and what she has achieved in her “new job”.

After a painfully windy start to the night I did my three hour stretches and slept very well thank you! I am ready to start my new sleep routine.

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