When it's not about my weight it is about my sleep.

Saturday 25 August 2001
Well my new routine started brilliantly and much easier than mum and I anticipated. This morning I woke up real early at about 6am and I played with mum and dad in their bed. By 7:20 I was exhausted and mum put me back to sleep and you will never believe this but I slept till 9:15 – almost two hours. A record for a day sleep for me. Mum was so nervous that she kept coming in to check on me, dad has got far more brains – he took advantage of the late morning and slept like mum should have.

This afternoon I had another sleep in my cot. I am doing real well and mummy and daddy are soo happy with me. But I did hear mum secretly confide to dad that maybe I am sleeping too much. Poor dad - mum confuses her so much. First she says I have to sleep a lot and then when I do she says it is too much. Us boys will have to rally together against her indecisiveness.

It worked – all my sleeping during the day paid off and I slept like a champion tonight going three hour stints with a four hour burst between 12 and 4.

Sunday 26 August 2001
My sleeping routine has already gone out the window. I did do a good morning sleep and then mum and dad took me shopping for clothes in Bondi Junction. I did not see a thing that I liked and I became quite moody. 

Luckily my cousins live just down the road so we walked to their place because we were going there for lunch anyway. I had a fine time at their house mind you but every time I fell asleep I woke up soon after so I never really got to have that good afternoon sleep that mum and dad had thought I should have. By the time we got home it was late in the afternoon and although I did sleep it was just for half an hour.

I ate my dinner with relish and I had a good few chuckles at my parents. I was just greasing them up for the shocking night that was to come because my sleep was abysmal. I woke up every two hours till 4am and then never really went back to sleep properly at all. My parents are very bleary eyed.

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