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Friday 17 August 2001 
I had my horrible immunisations today but I was really good about it. I had not been in a very good mood in the morning when mummy shlepped me off to some far away chemist to buy a special bottle for me to try. I screamed so much that she had to turn back, take me home and feed me. I am trying those new lact-ease drops and they taste delicious. They are also slowing down my rate of poos so mum is thrilled to bits and pieces because she believes that now I might retain some of what I eat.

Eventually we went to get the immunisations and I was as good as gold in the waiting room for 45 minutes – mum was as irate as all hell. I cried a little when the needle went in but I recovered quickly. Mum was a bit scared though and she had to cover her eyes the whole time.

After all my screaming, and I guess the immunisations and the Panadol mum gave me I slept real well waking up every 3 hours on the dot and going back to sleep like a gem.

Saturday 18 August 2001 
I woke up at 7:15 this morning!! (after a brief 6am feed). This was my latest morning ever and I am real proud.

Mum and dad are wrecks about my weight and my lactose intolerance and mainly my refusal to take a bottle of soy formula. They are trying everything in their power but I really do not get this whole bottle thing also I am now back to my same old bowel motions and so mum is dubious that the lact-ease is doing anything.

We had a good day but I was a bit worried about my parents concern over my weight and height so I gave them a real treat and for the second night in a row I slept like a gem. I do think that maybe mum’s new diet of no dairy is making me feel more comfortable so I can sleep better at night. I slept from 6:30 – 11:30 tonight and while I was getting all that good sleep mum was researching my lactose overload on the net. I could hear her jumping up and down with joy as she read article after article on lactose intolerance and breastfeeding and they all said the same thing – change the mum’s diet and you will see a difference in a couple of days and real results in a couple of weeks. Mum is overjoyed!!!

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