The trees are mobiles for adults - we should spend more time under them

Sunday 30 September 2001
This morning we went out for breakfast with Jake and his parents but I fell asleep during the breakfast and for the whole walk that we had afterwards.

Mum and dad thought that it was such a nice day and it was a pity to spend it indoors so we went to lie on the blanket in Centennial Park. Mom and dad had a sandwich and I had a banana, it was delicious. I love to lie under the trees and watch the patterns that the trees make – it is like a giant mobile that even my parents can enjoy.

Pops came to watch my nightly bath/massage ritual as apparently it is the most wonderful thing to witness. I really love the water and I love bath time. It is the time that I am always happy no matter what!.

Another abysmal night’s sleep tonight and mummy got almost angry with me. She is very short fused on so little sleep.

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  1. I love your blog little pencil.
    I hope your mum gets some sleep one day. Feeling very sorry for her, I would not have lasted as long as she has.