Dad has got a terrible cold and mum is just plain exhausted

Saturday 1 September 2001 
I had such a terrible morning this morning. Mummy decided to take my cot off its angle in the middle of the night as she thought it was responsible for me landing in weird positions in the middle of the night. I have never slept totally flat before and I do not think that my reflux appreciates this new position. At 5:30 this morning when mum came to see why I was crying I vomited all over her, all over my bed, all over the carpet and everywhere. It was horrible, it tasted terrible and I felt sick. Mum and dad cleaned it all up and I started to feel a lot better but I had to have a nice long nap before I felt ready to take on the day. 

The rest of the day was uneventful. Mum lovingly handcrafted me some pears and sweet potatoes for the coming week. I am still fooling them into believing that I can eat solids. 

Sunday 2 September 2001 
Today was father’s day so I tried my very hardest all day to be a perfect little angel, just like I am every other day. The morning started out badly and mom and dad were so tired they looked as if they could not even look after me so I decided that I better have a sleep and give them a chance to catch up a bit. Dad has got a terrible cold and mum is just plain exhausted. 

After a good nap we went for a walk to the shops and then back home again for food – mmmm pears homemade by mum. I am still not totally into this whole solid food thing. Mum thinks that is because I am just never hungry enough because if I don’t get my breastmilk when I demand it I become horrible. 

In the afternoon we went to visit my granny and I laughed and gurgled and showed off. 

I had quite a good sleep, I did a long stint from 6pm – 10:30 pm but now I am in the habit of waking up even when I am not hungry. I am just not used to long stretches of sleep at all. This is making mummy real nervous, she thinks I am full of bad habits.

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  1. Keep it coming little pencil. I love your stories.