I don't eat pears

Tuesday 4 September 2001 After another very tiring nights sleep I was in a bit of a mood this morning but nothing that could not be overcome with a long breastfeed or two. We went to my aunt and I didn't eat my pears there. Every day mummy feeds me food and every day I don’t eat it.

Today was the day mum had long been planning to take me to music lessons – “Baby Music on the Lap”. We had been once ages ago when I was only 4 weeks corrected and I loved it then even though I fell asleep. Anyway when we got there I was really tired so after the first song when I had the opportunity to lie in mum’s arms, I fell asleep and I awoke promptly as the lesson ended. Mum thought it was a terrible waste of money but dad said he would willingly pay someone to make me sleep.

In the afternoon we went to fetch my cousin from school and she introduced me and mum to her teacher. Her teacher said that I was the happiest baby she ever saw and had to check with mum a couple of times if I was always that happy. Yup mum said, I am, even at 2am!!

Another terrible night. I was awake a lot and I found it very hard to go to sleep. I heard mum say that she is determined to teach me to go to sleep on my own. This should be interesting.

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