What a riot - I get to sleep all the way to the airport and back

Sunday 9 September 2001 
This morning mum and dad shlepped me off shopping again. I am convinced that every time I don’t sleep very well they take me off shopping in the morning. I am sure that they think I will sleep if I am pushed around in the pram for long enough but really there is so much to see and do I am not sure that sleeping in my pram would not mean that I miss out on some other stuff.

We went out for lunch again but I did not get banana this time. Mum spoke about leaving me with dad and my cousins while she went with Dan to the airport but I was so tired and we all know that when I am that tired I only want my mum so I ended up going with her to the airport to get my aunt Ca. I was as good as gold because I knew that the adults would want to talk so I slept all the way there and I slept all the way back, it was almost as if I had stayed at home I was so quiet.

I had another one of my wonderful nights from hell. Mummy is convinced that the tapping me in the cot business is not working and I am not learning to sleep any better. Now I will not fall asleep in her arms and I will not fall asleep in my cot so it is a bit of a nightmare to get me to sleep.  Oh well

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