The worst day in the world. Really

Tuesday 11 September 2001 A bad night’s sleep makes for a long morning nap. I slept all morning today and felt a lot better for it. I know that everyone suggested that uom do the same but she is so stubborn like that so now she will be tired and I won’t be. One day she will learn to sleep.

We went to playgroup at the Newborn Care Centre. We love that outing because we get so much reaffirmation about how well I am doing. Today Sue, the physio who runs the group was just amazed at me. She said that I am looking so big and fat and that while I few months ago I looked like I was not thriving now I look really well. She also said that I am so smart and that I will definitely be the skinny kid who is top of the class. I charmed everyone as usual and did my mother proud. I still continue to get comments from everyone on what a happy baby I am.

Wednesday 12 September 2001
I am sure that most people are noting today or rather yesterday in their diaries. I am writing today because it is the day that I woke up to hear the awful news about the devastation in New York. 

Mum has been trying to put on a very brave face but she looks petrified.  And she is sobbing a lot.  She looks pale. And she keeps hugging me for extra long.  I am hugging her back to tell her how grateful I am to be in Australia and how lucky I am to have my family with me.  Mummy phoned daddy a lot today.  

When he came back from Melbourne this evening I was nearly as pleased as mummy to have him home so I woke often during the night just to check that he was still there and I am pleased to say that he is back to stay – I don’t think mom or I will ever let him travel again.

I know that this may sound pretentious coming from a 7 month old but I am really lost for words at today's events. I wish the families of all those who lost their lives today only comfort, love and hope for a better future free of war, terror and oppression.