I have fallen for a banana

Saturday 8 September 2001
I had a wonderful day today. I slept like a charm last night added to which I had a good long nap this morning and so I was in a really good mood today. Needless to say my parents were also pretty delighted.

I also had the joy of discovering bananas. I was sitting with the family eating lunch at my aunt when mum thought that instead of eating my hands all the time maybe I should taste a banana. Well all I can say is I love banana !!! If they had wanted me to eat sooner they should have introduced this yellow piece of heaven earlier. I gummed on my piece of banana for ages and was most impressed with the taste and texture. Mum and dad are hysterically happy and even gave me banana and apple mush for dinner.
After lunch we all went to Centennial Park for some fresh air and exercise. I was still in a good mood and having lots of fun playing but mum and dad are so strict about that routine of mine so we left at 4:30 to go home and get ready for the night time routine. Gee I feel like such a nerd getting ready for bed at such an early hour.

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