Narky mood. Again

Thursday 6 September 2001
I was in a particularly bad mood today and mummy thinks it is because she let me cry a bit last night instead of cuddling me to sleep. In any case I never got enough sleep so today was basically a series of short sleeps with me trying to make up for my lack of proper rest last night.

We went to playgroup at the hospital this morning and I was really not into it. First I slept and then when I woke up I just whinged a lot. We went for a walk afterwards and I fell asleep in my pram in the cutest position ever. I am the only baby that I know that really cuddles up when I sleep in my pram, I wish I could work out a way to cuddle in my cot because then I am sure I would sleep a lot better.

The rest of my day was boring really and apart from my really narky mood today I have nothing much else to report. Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing about the long sleep that I had.

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