Doctor C still thinks breast is NOT best for me

Tuesday 18 September 2001 
Well my temperature is right down but I am still not feeling my best so mum dragged me off to Dr C this morning. He looked in my throat and ears and listened to my chest. He said that my throat was a little red but nothing major. He said that I should continue to take the Panadol if I have any temperature and if anything changes for the worse mum should take me straight to Accident and Emergency at the Children’s Hospital. He and mum had a big chat about my growth and Dr C put mummy in a very bad mood. I think she was feeling guilty about the fact that she has not forced that bottle on me because Dr C has said that I am small because I am not getting enough nutrition. 

He also mentioned, when he made me cry by looking in my throat and ears, that I had blocked tear ducts and quite frankly I think mom has had enough of hearing “bad” things about me. Anyway we have chosen to ignore the blocked tear duct scenario for now. Dr C said that we should do a urine sample (well actually that I should do a urine sample) and just check that there is no urinary tract infection. 

My mother is beside herself with exhaustion and worry and so is my father.  I am continuing to refuse to sleep.

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  1. You poor baby. Your mum sounds like a trooper.