I want to go on camp

Friday 14 September 2001 
Another cranky day. Could this mean teeth are coming? I am biting everything I can get my hands on and I am really irritable. Mummy and daddy both think that they can see a white spot on my gums but I will be honest I am not to game to let them examine it.

Today my cousin came back from camp and I can tell you that you could almost feel the relief in the air. Mummy said that I am never allowed to go on camp because she was so worried about N and plus she saw what my aunt went through for five days without her little girl. We’ll see about that one. Quite honestly the idea of camp sounds very appealing to me at this stage. We had a party for N when she came home and there were balloons and streamers and cookies and chips and cold drink and I slept through the whole thing. What a waste.

When I got back home I just cried and moaned and whinged – the only thing that consoles me is breastfeeding. My aunt bought me some teething gel and I did seem a bit happier after that but mum says that it is a bit too medicated and she is loathe to give it to me again. No wonder I want to go on camp – all I want is some relief for my gums.

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