I get a fever

Monday 17 September 2001

Well all my bad behaviour over the last few days finally came to light today. All day long I tried to be as patient as possible with mummy as she prepared dinner for first night Rosh Hashanah. I was tired and ratty but I did not want to sleep at all. Eventually she took me for a walk but I just lay in the pram. Mum commented on the fact that I looked very pale and my eyes were quite red around the rims.

When mummy put me to bed in the evening I was very reluctant to sleep. I did not cry but I could not get comfortable and I could not fall asleep. Mum thought that I was acting up because she may have been a little stressed that there were 11 people coming for dinner. After lots and lots of cuddles I eventually fell asleep for a short while. When I woke, before the guests had even started dinner, mummy thought that I felt very warm, she changed my pyjamas for summer ones and called my uncle upstairs for his expert medical opinion. He concurred that I was warm but suggested we wait an hour before giving me any Panadol. I wanted that Panadol badly so in the hour that they were waiting I brewed up quite a temperature so that when I woke again and they took my temperature it was 38.3. I certainly got my Panadol then. Mum and dad were quit anxious but my uncle just said to give me Panadol 4 hourly and if that does not bring my temperature down I should go straight to the Children’s Hospital. My temperature went down but I did not feel well. I was just very listless, not angry, not grumpy just a bit mellow and happy to lie in mum’s arms but not sleep.

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