Thrilled with my capacity to kick

Saturday 15 September 2001 
My mood continues to be bad and I am really tired. I am not sure if all the lack of sleep at night is just catching up with me and I am feeling quite drained during the day. Whatever it is I am sure keeping mom and dad on the hop with worry. Mum is insistent that I should go to the doctor because I am not quite myself.

I slept much of the day and was only really happy when we were at home and playing. In the car, at the shops and out and about in general I was an absolute misery. When we got home and mum and I played together with my toys she was embarrassed at the idea that she could have taken me to the doctor because I was in such fine form.

I have got a new seat for the bath and we all love it. Mum loves it because it takes all the strain off her back because I can sit in the bath by myself, I love it because I can kick and splash in the bath like a big boy and dad loves it because I am as cute as a button in that chair. Baths are no longer the boring, relaxing things they used to be – now I play in the bath and am thrilled with my own capacity to kick.

I had a bit of a screaming episode in the middle of the night – nothing quite like it to check the parents devotion.

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