And Today we Weigh 2.5 kgs!!

It is amazing how a few grams can alter your mood. I was feeling so frustrated about E’s crying and screaming and was really quite impatient and feeling like I could not take it much longer when today I took him to the clinic and weighed him and he weighed 2.5kg with his clothes on. I am so happy and so proud of him.

He is also behaving much better today. Perhaps taking him out and about too much is too much for him to handle at this stage. I am going to try and take it a bit easier for his sake and we will see how he goes. We did go for a marathon walk this morning but it was quiet and peaceful, no noisy crowds and malls full of people.

In the afternoon Rene came round and E spent a fair while showing her how good his lungs are and in the end it worked because he got to spend a fair bit of time in her arms.

The relaxing day did E well and he slept four hour stints the whole night. What a man !!!!

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