Grandpa Arrives

Well he is like a different boy this morning. After each feed I have put him in the cot with either his lullaby music or his wave sounds and he has settled immediately and slept right through to the next feed. He looks so angelic and rested. I hope that he is not just trying to conserve all his energy for the night.

We went for our very first drive today accompanied by aunt C. E loved his capsule and was delighted to drive all the way to the Airport Hotel to have his first meeting with grandpa W. Needless to day Grandpa loved him to pieces and got quite teary. E slept through.

Grandpa and C came to us for dinner but En had ideas other than socialising so half way through dinner I went to feed him and try and put him to bed. This was only two hours after his last feed but if it makes him happy I am more than prepared to do it. Grandpa and C left amidst the screaming.

The night turned out to be a little more hectic than the day had been with E becoming quite upset and wanting to eat every hour or so. He is really a good boy though and does not cry for ages although at 3am it seems like a long time. He can certainly scream though and has this habit of almost throwing his head back and opening his mouth at full capacity, his bottom lip quivers and his face contorts – not his prettiest look. The twin style feeding has been replaced by the “whatever makes E happy” style feeding.

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  1. ...which continues on into a lifetime of 'whatever makes E happy, just GIVE ME SOME PEACE!'
    Or is that just what it's like in myy family?