Due Day Today

E decided that for his due date celebration he would behave as if he was coming out today – ie he would be mighty vicious and angry and would scream a lot.

In the morning I took him for a walk in the pram to try and calm him back to sleep. We walked to Coogee where we "bumped into" his grandpa. We went to eat at grandpa’s flat and E was just delightful. He was wide awake after the feed and playing like a real baby, lying on the couch, looking around and seeming to smile. He also made some real cooing noises which I read that full term babies do at a couple of weeks. God he's advanced!!!
Every day I love this child more, I never that it would be possible. After his feed we took a walk to a café for us to eat breakfast as well. It was really hot and I am sure that E felt the heat. I kept taking his wrap off and then he would flail about and wake himself up. The walk back to our house from the beach was a little arduous but E slept through it.
Everybody that sees him comments on him, they all ask me how old he is, tell me how beautiful he is and wish me congratulations. I can tell they are dying to comment on how tiny he is but most people are very well mannered. I say most people. Some people are just plain rude and so I lie to them. It is useless saying he is two months old to rude people - he only weighs 2kg and is miniscule!!!

When we got home he ate and that was that for the rest of the day. I tried to go back to the shops after that meal but E would have none of that, he screamed in his pram so much that eventually I had to pick him up and carry him through the streets and into the shops plus we had to turn around from the shops that we were going to go to and go up the road to get essential items only. E was calm in my arms but was frenzied when I put him down. Eventually he fell asleep in his pram but not for very long. He seemed to spend the day snacking and then screaming.

Sandy from Level 1 in the NCC came around to do a follow up home visit. She was really happy with E’s weight etc and said that he looks real good. He did not do his best to show off in front of her and was very unsettled and did not do his best feeding job. It seemed to me that as I put him down so he woke up. He was really quite hysterical and seemed to be red in the face and really hot. I took his temperature and although he did not have a fever it was a high temperature for him – 36.7. This whole parenting thing is taking some getting use to – I just pray he never gets sick. I started to worry that I am taking him out to much and perhaps he is overdoing it but he just sleeps through most of our activities.

M and I sat down to dinner and E wanted a piece of that so I fed him as M ate. When he was finished eating M took him to settle him and I tried to eat. It was about then that E decided that hysteria was the only way to get his parents not to eat dinner at all. He screamed really badly again so much so that we pulled out the old bath trick again. It worked for the duration of the bath and then the hysteria returned. He was just plain exhausted after not settling properly all day. Eventually we lay him down in his cot and he seemed happy to be free of the inteference and the touching and he calmed and went to sleep. Whew what a day!!

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