Many, Many Guests

Last night E was a little bit of a nightmare. I think that he knows that we were having guests that day and I had told everyone how well I was coping. He woke up every two hours and was not very settled. By the morning he was not much better and M tried to settle him while I tried to get some rest. In the end I was not very rested, E was not very settled and M was late for work.

I am not finding the night feeds so difficult during the days, that is, I am not a wreck the next day nor am I really exhausted, the only thing is that at night when he cries I always wonder for a brief second whether I have just put him down or if I am just meant to be about to feed him. Also when I wake in the middle of the night clutching my pillow I always fear for one brief second that it is him that I am clutching and that I have fallen asleep with him in my arms. Once I am awake and feeding him it is all okay and I wake pretty quickly. Or maybe I am just going mad.

Eventually after not being able to calm him any other way I decided to bath E, not an easy task on my own considering that the bath doubles as his cot which was fully made at the time. I was still not dressed or showered or anything but we managed the bath and shortly after that E was asleep and I was getting the house cleaned for the onslaught of guests.

Karen and Romy, Jody and Joshua, Kim and Tiffany and Gabriele all came to visit E today. He got totally spoilt in terms of presents and adoration from his friend’s mothers. He was really not on his very best behaviour while they were there and was quite unsettled. He did however have a few sleeps and considering the pressure on him to perform and the terrible night the night before, I think he was excellent. Of course there were many comments on his tiny size bit everyone agreed that he is a very precious little boy and a real fighter.

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