We Hit 2Kgs

En had a good night and was quite settled this morning. I woke up thinking that he was ready to get up at about 8am, I was ready to take him for a nice relaxing walk in the pram to the shops but by the time I got my shit together he was asleep again. I went without him and when I came back he was very relaxed indeed lying next to his dad on the bed.

Grandpa R came for breakfast and E was really in a good mood, very relaxed and alert and not at all interested in going to sleep after his mid-morning snack. I think that the morning is definitely his time. He lay on the couch for quite a while just looking around and being very content.

I received a phone call this morning from the hospital saying that there was some frozen breast milk of mine that I could come and collect. I jumped at the opportunity to go back so that maybe we could sneak in a quick weigh of E. We went to the hospital, chatted with some of the mums and calmly suggested to Jo (the nurse in charge) that we were worried as we did not know if E was putting on weight. She told us to indulge our neuroses and weigh him. He was sleeping and we were loathe to wake him but I picked him up out of his cot and as luck would have it (I prefer to call it luck rather than forceful manipulation) his nappy came off (we were told to weigh him with his clothes on so as not to fuss him too much). We weighed him with just his spencer and he weighed 2.060kg. We have finally hit the magic 2kg mark!!!. M weighed a spencer and it weighed 30g so we are confident that E weighs about 2.030kg. And No! We are not at all obsessed with every single gram.

This afternoon he had his uncle D come round to visit him. D was amazed by the fact that all E does is sleep. I guess he should spend a night here. C also came by but E slept through that as well. By the time everybody lefty E woke up and I was exhausted. I went to feed him and then handed him over to M while I had a quick sleep. I did not manage to sleep very long but M took E out for a walk and they had a great time and E came back fast asleep.

He woke up an hour before his next feed was due and M rocked him on his lap for about an hour. E loves the rocking chair!!! During this time we were reading in the “Baby Bible” about smiling and we are both convinced that E has definitely given some communicative smiles. It is sometimes so frustrating to have to age correct for him. We know that he has been alive for a full 9 weeks already but he is still only due next week so in essence is not born or at best a new born. This is something that is going to take a long time to get used to but I am sure that just as we get used to it so it will matter less and less as E grows up and his developmental milestones become less important. For now he is beautiful, he is putting on weight and is healthy and magnificent. His milestones will come. We will not compare him to other babies but will always appreciate his uniqueness and revel in the fact that he has completed such a long journey and has done so well. I still cry when I look at the photos of him as a newborn in Level 3 but I know that that is behind us and I am so grateful that he is such a fighter and that he has done so well. I cannot begin to express my love for him and my awe for his strength and perseverance.

M fed E his 7pm feed from a bottle and he slurped it down amazingly. He really seems to handle that bottle so easily I wonder if he does not prefer it to the breast. J arrived as he was preparing for sleep and we sat in his room chatting with E on my chest on the rocking chair. He loves that and was soon sound asleep.

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