We Visit the Musuem to be Weighed

I have changed my mind – we’ll take the two outings any day. Last night E slept like a dream. He woke up 4 hourly, ate and promptly went back to sleep. It now seems however that he is mightily unsettled first thing in the morning, between about 6 and 7am.

Today we ventured out for our first visit to the clinic. I was so organised to get there on time and thankfully it only took me about 15 minutes to work out how to open the pram. Mmmm I’m not a natural quite yet. The clinic was a bit revolting, the scales are so antiquated that I thought that they were museum pieces – even the greengrocer has more up to date and sophisticated weighing equipment. E weighed 2.1kg on their scale, however there is no real definition on the scale so he could be anything between 2.0 and 2.2 – I prefer the hospital scales. They measured his length on this piece of old wood and literally demanded that E lie straight – yeah right. Anyway he measured 44.5cm in length. The nurse told me that E is very strong and there is no problem with his muscle tone (from fighting off doctors his whole life is my reckoning). She also said that he is very alert. This after she tried to straighten his poor body up against a piece of wood - wouldn't you be alert?

The afternoon was rather boring really, he was so well behaved. Not that this is a bad thing mind you. We went for a drive to fetch the house key’s for grandpa’s flat and E loved the car seat for today and was as good as gold in it. He fell asleep and I decided that it would be clever to take him out of it once we were home because it is bad for his back to be in it for too long. Who am I kidding? What kind of crack am I smoking? Half an hour is not too long and I will not take a sleeping baby out of a capsule in a hurry again. EVER AGAIN!!!! He screamed and screamed and screamed.

We decided that E is definitely starting to smile. He is looking so beautiful and so calm and gorgeous, except when his bottom lip curls and he screams blue murder.

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