Screaming. A Lot

I remember saying only two days ago that E was an angel. Could I turn back time? He has been horrendous today. He has screamed and screamed and nothing that I have done has been able to comfort him. It is very frustrating and I really feel like I could lose my patience. I just want to know why he is crying and I want to be able to do something to help him.

Maybe we have had too hectic a day. The morning started with a walk to Coles, where I discovered that I could not find my purse so we walked back home to look for the purse and found it in the pram!!! Walked back to Coles but I am sure this did not distress E too much as he slept through the ordeal.

We came home and grandpa and P were here and so we went for a drive through the suburbs of Sydney with them (should probably explain at this point that they were visiting from South Africa - just in case any of you readers thought that they spent an unreasonable amount of time popping up at our front door) . few little screams from Ethan along the way acted as a non soothing accompaniment. We then went to Double Bay for a relaxing lunch and I decided to take E to the park and feed him there. Big mistake. I think I can trace today’s problems back to there. We sat on a bench by the water and it was only afterwards that I realised that that was a really stupid place to sit as the breeze off the water was a little cold. %^&%ing freezing actually. E did not have a good meal but that did not stop me from lugging off to the shopping centre to buy him some clothes. When we eventually got home he started to whinge and basically spent most of the night screaming.

At 9pm we decided to bath him to relax him but even that did not work for long. I wish I knew what was happening. I am glad that we are going to the doctor on Thursday because I think I am very close to the end of my tether and I just want my happy baby back.

He isvery cold to the touch and although I warmed blankets to wrap him in and layered him up he was still chilly. I put him to sleep in our bed because I thought it was way warmer than his cot. The boy is not a happy camper.


  1. oooohhh!! but it's not a happy day! poor little pencil!! makes me sad reading it, even though I know it is not happening now!

  2. Weren't they trying days. Compounded by the fact of all the other previous stuff. The being really cold stuff would have totally freaked me out. I still remember I took Maddie to the big shops here when she was tiny. First time I'd used the super dooper pram and guess who hadn't ever bothered to work out how to get the fucking thing down. Yup Me. So after she screamed and screamed and screamed and I couldn't feed her in public because I was too stupid, I threw the stupid pram, fully upright in the back of the 4x4 and drove off shattered.