It's Raining Calm

This morning E had his first outing in the rain. After another semi okay night, but good early morning M, E and I headed for breakfast in Bondi with the troops (sister, grandfather etc). E was a gem in his capsule sitting at the cafe Jones the Grocer, he cried a bit toward the end of our breakfast but C came to the rescue and held and cuddled him.

The rest of the day was spent at home with just M, grandpa and I. I think that E really appreciated that because his behaviour was so much more settled. He ate really well at all feeds and was alert and really peaced out and happy. I also started reading “The Faraway Tree” to him during his feeds and this seemed to really relax him and he sucked for longer at each feed today than he has at all his others. Maybe it is the constant drone of my voice, maybe it is just a fluke today, maybe the rain outside calms him but whatever it was this baby was like an angel today.

Everyday he is just more magnificent than the next.

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