Overstimulating my Baby. Again

So much for my decision not to over stimulate E. Today was a public holiday so it was full ball again. We walked down to Coogee where we met my dad and P and we went for a bit of a stroll and for breakfast. E slept during the walk down to Coogee but was not very settled at the restaurant. From there we fed Ethan at my dad’s hotel and then went for a drive to Balmoral and lunch at McMahons Point. E was awake off and on the whole time and was really not that settled. He then did a long 5 hour stint where he was not hungry and slept on and off and that worried me too because I thought it was too long without food.

Tonight E paid me back for driving him around Sydney. He was very unsettled and screamed a lot. He woke every two hours and never really fed properly so he could not sleep properly. I cannot think properly

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  1. So he started right from the start not eating much didn't he this cheeky little pencil!