A Visit to the Office

E had a good night last night although I think that he is definitely growing up and starting to make far more of the noises and sounds of a new born baby. He grunts a lot more and he makes crying sounds during the night although he is fast asleep. Did I ever think I would be proud of something that grunts? Not really.

This morning after his 9am feed he was just adorable again (not that he isn’t adorable all the time) but he was really rather playful, kicking his legs about and cooing and looking around. I am so proud of him I could burst.

I bundled him into his car seat, complete with new head support so that he is more comfortable in the car and we have none of that previous screaming stuff. He was really patient while I went about doing my stuff and then I went to put him in the car and I got the safety belts confused and I became quite hysterical as I could not fasten the car seat into the car. E started to scream and I started to sweat. By the time I got the whole thing sorted out, with a few encouraging words from M down the phone, I felt like I had lost 2kilos in sweat. We drove to Surry Hills where we met grandpa et al for breakfast. E slept and I worried that he was too cold in the air conditioning. I seem to do an awful lot of worrying about his temperature.

We raced home after our breakfast for E to have lunch and then it was back into the car, this time for a really special outing – to see daddy at work. We went to M’s office and everyone that was there oohed and aahed appropriately. Unfortunately most of the most gushy people were not there but I am sure E will get plenty of opportunity to meet them soon. We got to have adult lunch with his dad and then it was time to go home again and have baby lunch (or tea or snack or whatever).

E has been so good today. So content and so alert . He does seem to spend a lot of time awake after a feed, just lying there and looking at nothing in particular. Neurotic me looked it up in the book, I started worrying that he was not getting enough sleep. He is perfect though and the book says that some babies just don’t need as much sleep as others. He is also growing up so I guess he will spend more time awake. However saying that I guess he does sleep quite a bit when he gets down to it. He just does not fall asleep very fast. God I am confused

I spoke to my mom today and when I told her how happy I was I think it really hit home within me. I love being E’s mom, I just love spending time with him, I love looking at him, talking to him, singing to him and playing with him. I love the way he looks at me and the way he makes me feel, I love everything about him. I thank God for him and for M, I really count myself truly blessed.

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  1. Will never forget knocking my son's head on the frame of the car door on one of our early outings. Felt like a TERRIBLE mother. So glad you got it right! (Well, as right as any of us get it....)