Whatever It Takes

It seems that E fed every two hours last night. I was absolutely exhausted this morning and after M settled him at 5am and he woke up at about 6am and was still awake at 7am I eventually put him over my stomach and so we slept. I woke up at about 9am with him swaddled over my tummy. He was very nasal and having a real hard time eating. As soon as his mouth was full he could not breathe because his nose was blocked. This understandably made him very irate. I never thought that I could do such a thing but in the face of a crying baby I put my mouth over his nose and sucked out the blockage. YUGH!!! At least it made him feel better and he was able to feed really well.

The late start to the morning did not suit my boy and he was rather unsettled and certainly did not follow yesterday’s routine of settling in his cot so we tried him in the hug-a-bub and he was really happy and well settled in that (not to mention particularly cute).

R and D came to visit him and he slept in the hug-a-bub throughout the visit. Granny C also came by and he was really good – he just slept. I am sure that they think we are making a mountain out of a mole-hill when we tell them how much he can cry when he is hungry or tired.

He woke up on cue as C left and had a good lunch. We then put him in his pram and walked up to Randwick. He LOVES the pram and loves being walked. He did not stir at all and really seemed to be smiling as we set off. We walked up to the park, bought a take-away and had our first family picnic in the park. Chicken Yakitori and Sushi are not the most conventional picnic foods but we enjoyed it all the same.

I am trying to keep E awake for a little longer during the day so that he sleeps at night and so today after the 3pm feed we lay on the pillow and sang songs about chocolate. It is amazing how he likes being sung to and it is amazing the amount of crap that I come up with to sing about. I am constantly talking or singing to him during his daytime feeds. This makes him quite relaxed and I think it is great bonding time. M also sings to him and although I have to cover my ears E loves it. We all tried to have a sleep this afternoon but after an hour E had other ideas and so had another early feed. I read that babies of this age do not know or necessarily need routine and I am certainly glad about that.

Tonight E slept past his normal three hourly feed so after four hours I woke him up and we faced his wrath. I can safely say that he was in a foul mood. He screamed – not like the normal crying scream but he yelled as if he was furious. I tried to feed him but he was too tired and angry to eat. Eventually M ran a bath and E and I had a calm relaxing bath – until we took him out and tried to dress him. I cannot believe how angry he seems to be, maybe he is just too tired to know how to deal with anything. I fed him after M dressed him and eventually he fell asleep. We vowed to him that we would not wake him for any reason ever again. I wonder how long it will last till I decide that he is sleeping too much and needs to be woken to eat again.

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