Baby sling settles him for, oh about 3 minutes

E is sitting on my chest in his Baby Bjorn baby carrier.  He seems very happy to be there and I see no reason to take him out.  I see a real boring day ahead – it is pouring with rain and very cold outside.  I bet E is secretly happy that I am not going to be dragging him out anywhere today.   

Later: Well he did not last long in the Baby Bjorn and so it was back into my arms until he was solidly asleep.  After a really long morning he was finally asleep in his cot for a long sleep.  Kim came past in the afternoon and E was on his very best behaviour.  He ate like a gem and then he gurgled and cooed and lay on the blanket on the floor with Kim's daughter like an angel.  He was really in a playful mood and even after Kim left he lay on the bed with me and just played by himself.  I put him down to sleep when I thought he had had enough but he never really slept.  He had a niggly 5pm feed and then was as ratty as all hell.  He really tries the patience when he gets like that.  I carry him around and I swing him in my arms quite hard.  Sometimes when I swing him real hard he shuts up instantly and then I panic that I have jolted him into submission.  He is so precious but when he cries and screams I do not know what to do with him.  I sing, I rock him, I walk him, I pat him, I give him his dummy and mostly I pray!!

The Baby Bjorn settling was short lived as E will not go into it now or at least he will but then he screams blue murder.  He just wants to sleep in my arms and I am not complaining although it does make it difficult to get anything done.  

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