On a mothering high

After such a terrible day yesterday I can hardly believe the change in E today.  I would say that today has been our best day ever.  E has been happy and playful, he has eaten well and slept considerably well (still not the required 3 hours between feeds but he is much more settled).

We had only one outing today to the shops in the car and then around and about in the Baby Bjorn.  He is still unhappy in the car seat and screams when he is awake in it but I guess that I am learning to live with it better.

We have adhered strictly to the one hour up two hour down rule today insofar as after 1 hour of feeding/play I have put E straight down and I think it is working well for him.  Now he just needs to learn to sleep for longer stretches. He is becoming much more responsive in his play and really can take quite a few minutes of stimulation.  I have also started to do some massage on him and he loves that although not for too long at a time. 

I have really enjoyed every second of my day with E today.  It is only 5:30 and I may eat my words but he is just delightful and gorgeous.  So many times today he has made me laugh out loud with happiness.  I am on a mothering high!!!  


  1. Fantastic! So nice when things are going well and everyone's happy. Good times....

  2. YaY! How Exciting to have a good day with the smallest pencil!!