Gripe water anyone?

We have been having a shocker. I think that all my tiredness has caught up with me and I am just exhausted.  Absolutely and utterly exhausted .  I have spoken to everyone about it and I know that it will pass and that he is just a baby and babies cry but I think I am now crying as much as he is.  My sister in South Africa suggested that I give him gripe water and I must say that against all my vows not to medicate etc I did.  He sucked the dummy furiously and I am not sure if it was the sucking or the gripe water that settled him.  Nonetheless I am not going to make it a habit and I will only use it if I can see he is really in pain and it is going to help him.

This morning we went for a walk in Centennial Park.  It was the RSPCA Million Paws walk and there were hundreds of dogs.  We went with some friends and their dog.  M carried E in the Baby Bjorn and E slept through much of the walk.  It was really a great atmosphere with all the dogs and the kind of thing that we had visualised doing with our baby. We just did not visualise doing it while half asleep ourselves.  

Afterwards we went all the way to Homebush to the Baby Expo.  We had one pit stop where we pulled over to feed E in the car.  He is much happier in the car if I sit with him in the back and so that he is always happy I will treat M as a taxi driver (except I refuse to pay him at the end).  The Expo was good and E slept through the whole thing again in his pram.  Why is it that he just wont sleep at home? 

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