Wishing I had married a doctor

Again E had a really good sleep in the morning.
My friend came to visit him and she was here during his feed. This man cannot feed in public! She was amazed at how he fought the feed and I could see that she was feeling quite sorry for Ethan that he had such a tough time getting fed. I assured her that when he eats on his own he is quite fine. A also had a look at his nappy rash and made me quite nervous by saying that she had never seen anything like it. I got into a panic and as the clinic in Randwick is closed on a Wednesday afternoon I raced off to Eastgardens where there is a chemist with a clinic sister and a clinic. The clinic sister was not there and the clinic was closed. My neurosis will have to wait another day. Oh why couldn't I have married a doctor? No offence M, just sooo much more useful right about now.
I decided to do some other stuff while I was there like fight with Medicare and MBF about the fact that I had a premature baby so was entitled to about $3.00 back from all my ante-natal care. E was fast asleep in his pram like an angel. I was quite convinced that we were going to have a bad night as he had slept so much during the day – boy was I right!!!! He cried all the way home and then some more. And after that, some more again


  1. The Minx was like that, she used to do this kind of head gesture towards the nursery at feeding time. At first it was when strangers were in the house, then family members and finally full stop. It was both cute and a pain in the bum as feed times were DVD catch up times for me.

  2. The best cream for nappy rash, without a doubt, is called penatan cream. It is German but it is available in Australia - in a round, flat blue tin. Hunt it down and then make sure you never run out. Unlike other nappy rash creams it stays on for a long time, giving the skin time to heal. It is also great for excma. Just be careful not to get it on clothes, sofas etc - it's a little hard to get off!

  3. Duh - just realised this is retrospective! 8 year olds don't need nappy rash cream!! oh well, might be helpful to other readers. :-)