When the shopping centre becomes your pacifier

Today we went with Tanya and Jake to listen to Dr C’s talk on newborn babies.  It was really interesting but E thought there were bits that Dr C just did not get - so he gave those bits a voice of his own.  Even though he had eaten an hour before I just let him eat again in a successful attempt to silence him (after all he was showing up the paediatrician).  It worked at the time but I think that it may have stuffed him up for the rest of the day.

After the talk we went with Tanya and Jake and met a friend of theirs for lunch.  Straight after lunch E began to cry and we had to race him in order to feed as there was nowhere on the centre we were at for him to eat.  (Yup I am one of those uncomfortable public breast feeders maybe given the fact that I feel I am soooo bad at it) He cried the whole way home (we walked and he was in his Baby Bjorn) and I just knew that he would be impossible to feed once we got home.  Needless to say I was right.  Tanya came home with us and ommented on E’s temper!! Please God that settles down as he grows up. He was very unsettled and at really badly.  I was rather edgy so when he was finished and Tanya had left we went to Eastgardens again in the hope that seen as though he loved walking about in his Baby Bjorn the day before he might like it today.  He was really quiet at the shops and we bumped into Annette and Jacob from NCC and that was really nice.  You know that your life has reached a new level when you use Eastgardens as a pacifier.

When we got home E fed, settled and then woke permanently it seemed.  He was really in a bad mood and actually seemed to be screaming in fury.  H would open his mouth and shout rather than actually crying.  He was absolutely revolting the entire night.  I decided to try and let him sleep in my bed and feed him in my bed all night as suggested by Dr C in his talk.  It did not work at all and for some reason he woke every one and a half hours. Needless to say I have had no sleep. 

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